Enter Our Service Dog Photo Contest

Enter Our Service Dog Photo Contest

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a wheelchair user and opens in a new windowtheir service dog. We want to see your best photos of you and your pup so we can share them in New Mobility!

Entries for our first-ever service dog photo contest are due by April 30, and finalists will be featured in New Mobility print and digital platforms. The contest winner will receive $500 and be announced in an upcoming issue of the magazine. In order to help you increase your chances of winning, here are a few tips for the types of photos we are looking for and how to get a great shot:

• We want to see you, your dog and your wheelchair in the photo.
• Strive for dynamic, original images. The fresher the better — break stereotypes.
• Photographers: As a general rule, shoot at the eye level of your subject. Too high an angle gives the impression of “looking down” on someone. Too low an angle can make feet and legs appear disproportionately large.
• Choose angles that emphasize the person more than the wheelchair (but we still want to see the wheelchair). Instead of posing for the shot straight-on, angle your chair a bit.
• Pay attention to lighting. If you are shooting outside, try to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon, or on a cloudy day. Mid-day sunlight causes harsh shadows that are not flattering. If shooting inside, make sure that there is ample light from windows, lamps, your camera’s flash, etc. Using more than one light source will help fill in the shadows caused by on-camera flashes. Don’t rely on overhead lights, as they cast shadows under the eyes.
• For more, check out this guide to photo composition.

Send high-resolution — larger than 1mb or 3000 pixels x 4000 pixels — digital images to opens in a new window[email protected]

The Fine Print: Include your name and contact info. Include photographer’s name and contact info. If you are pictured in the photo, make sure you have the photographer’s permission to enter. If you are the photographer, make sure you have the subject’s permission to enter. We will provide release forms to entrants; entries will not be considered without signed release forms. It is up to the person submitting the photo to distribute prize money to other relevant parties, such as the photographer or subject. United Spinal Association retains the right to use any entered images in future editorial, marketing and fundraising materials.

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